Our seasoned team at Wolf Gym will provide the most specialized, sophisticated, and effective physical transformation programs available today, and we take pride in helping our members reach and even surpass their fitness goals.

Wolf Gym can offer specialized fitness programs for a variety of specific populations, including teens, competitive athletes, under/overweight, pre- and post-surgery and rehabilitation. Coaches do not only maximize our dear members’ activity during sessions, but also encourage them to have a positive experience and lifelong participation in sport. Our programs include:
Foundations & Strength Regeneration: Kick start your training and realize your full potential with this track for beginners and those looking to reconnect with exercise.

Weight Loss: Wolf Gym combines coaching and nutritional counseling for a comprehensive program that will set you on the path to a healthy life.

Performance: Reach your performance goals and prevent injuries with this program for athletes of all kinds.

Injury Recovery: If you’re currently working with an injury or have a nagging issue from the past, our expert coaches provide the guidance and individualized plan you need to train effectively.

Kids Boxing: Wolf Gym offers two boxing programs for the youth aged 6-10 and 11-16 years old. We aim to guide kids to the right path at a young age, inspire them to lead a life of health, sport and physical activity and encourage them to maintain it in the future.

Vitality for the Elderly: Gain confidence and get fit at any age. Our coaches will safely and effectively keep our elderly members strong and healthy to improve their workouts and their everyday life.

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