Our Staff

All staff members are integral in the development and application of all health maintenance programming and are available to our members at all times. Wolf Gym consists of a professional group of practitioners in a variety of disciplines. Offering first-class customer service alongside building and maintaining positive, long-term relationships are at the forefront of every step we take seeing how our staff are personable, approachable people who are ready to give 100% in response to the specific needs of each member.
Wolf Gym is staffed by an experienced and fully-qualified team of trainers offering a complete lifestyle solution, also they aim to ensure that all members are educated on the equipment and can achieve maximum benefit from its facilities considering that we believe that dialogue is a crucial factor in the success of our programs and we encourage it between any and all of our staff.
We ensure that all staff who join share a true passion for what they do and are aligned to the Gym’s core values. Staff undertake a full induction prior to starting their role and are briefed thoroughly on all policies and procedures. Whilst we have grown significantly over a short period, we retain a friendly working and social environment and we ensure that sessions are delivered to the highest of standards at all times.

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