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At Wolf Gym, you enjoy a full member experience that includes elite Personal Training, CrossFit, fitness group classes and many more services and amenities in a stunning setting. At Wolf Gym, we guarantee that you will not only see results, but also maintain them over the long term. Fitness Programs, instructions and consultation are available individually or in classes to our members and we promise to be spotting for you in every time you need us!
Cardio Training: If it’s a good old cardio-workout you’re after, you’ll find all the equipment you need and more at Wolf Gym. Whether you’re training for a marathon, or just want to keep your fitness ticking over, cardio machines are a must for any workout plan. Each machine will get your heart pumping and your pulse racing in different ways – and target different muscle groups too.
Fulfilling Body Building Goals: Triceps, biceps… even your gluteus maximus. Whatever muscle group you want to work on, we’ve got just the right equipment to give your weight training a lift. Our weight machines are designed to isolate certain muscle groups while giving you the support you need to get the most from your workout. You’ll find a machine to help you flex every major muscle group in your body. Free weights are great if you want to concentrate on a certain area of your body. They give you more freedom of movement, and are great for building core strength and balance. Whether it’s a leg day or an arm day, you’ll always find the right equipment at the strength training area.

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